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Sell Your Coins or Paper Money

We are always seeking collections, deals, and estates

We pay fair market prices for coins and paper money and are always interested in opportunities to add to our inventory.

Coins We Buy

  • U.S. Gold coins  1795-1933
  • U.S. Silver coins 1794-1964
  • U.S. Copper coins 1793-1955
  • U.S. Silver and Gold Commemorative coins 1892-1954 and 1982 to date
  • Private and Territorial gold coins
  • U.S. Patterns
  • World Gold and Silver coins 1601-1950
  • NGC Certified coins
  • PCGS Certified coins
  • CAC Verified coins

We buy gold and silver bullion coins on an as needed basis, or if they are part of a numismatic collection. Coins we buy include, but are not limited to Eagles, Buffalos, Krugerrands, Maple Leafs, Pandas, Sovereigns, 20 Francs, 20 Lire, 20 Marks, 5 Roubles, 7.5 Roubles, 10 Roubles, 15 Roubles.

Currency We Buy

  • U.S. Paper Money all types
  • U.S. National Bank Notes
  • U.S. Colonial Currency

Coins We Do Not Purchase

  • Circulated common date Lincoln Cents
  • Circulated common date Liberty Head, Buffalo, Jefferson Nickels
  • U.S. Proof and Mint Sets 1965 to date (non silver)
  • U.S. coins 1965 to date (non gold or silver)
  • World coins 1951 to date (non gold or silver)

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Authentication and Grading


We have the expertise and experience to recognize counterfeits. Mitchell Battino is a member of the Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force of the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation (


We actively buy both uncertified and certified coins and currency, including coins encapsulated by NGC and PCGS, paper money graded by PCGS Banknote and PMG, and encapsulated coins approved by CAC.